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<Senior Thesis>

The Nomad Society

What is a home? A home is a structure where we live, sleep and store our belongings. Home is one of the most fundamental needs for human being. Home is more than just a place or a building but a collection of sentiments and memories. But in the modern society, we are dislocated from our “homes”. We live in places hundreds and thousands miles away from where we were born. We inhabit like nomads moving from one place to another. We constantly find better place to live.

From the very beginning, having home was important to us. Home is the place of privacy and intimacy. But it is getting harder and harder to own a home or even feel the sense of home. Families are getting smaller and smaller and dispersed to different part of world. Other than putting more decorations and pictures of family, how can people feel comfortable and cozy like home? How can we cope with being a nomad?

I want to investigate how can design help people identify sense of place, their home, and help the modern population to settle in and feel like home where they are.



Coloro means “to paint” in Latin. This unique flower shop only sells the white roses with different color dyes. Customer can paint the roses with any color of roses for any occasion. With these natural color dyes, customers can even create rare colored roses like green and blue. From the concepting to actual prototyping, I wanted to keep the theme of painting. I chose canvas as a packaging material, since customers are dying the roses, which is very similar to painting. When the canvas packaging is rolled it can work as a vase as well.

K2P2 - Knit2 Purl2

This project started with a visit to the thrift store. I chose five knitted sweaters and created a brand named K2P2(Knit2 Purl2). Knit 2 Purl 2 is one of the knitting technique for creating ribbed pattern.


New York City has many iconic symbols. The New NYC logo is inspired by New York City’s famous grid system.

Blue Box Gallery

Re-branded Blue Box Gallery, located in Brooklyn. Blue Box Gallery showcases innovative art utilizing technology and new media. As a mobile gallery, Blue Box brings New Media art to a rotating host of alternative urban spaces.

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