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A banner/brochure for a typographer Adrian Frutiger. Adrian Frutiger was a prolific and assiduous typographer. His process and matrix system were the greatest contribution to Graphic design. Frutiger is still working and perfecting his typefaces. I used his process sketches as a background texture to show how meticulous he is and placed different weight of Univers to explain matrix system.

100% News

A collaborative newspaper for Occupy Wall Street. News for the 100% not the 99% or the 1%.

Whether you have six-digit job or job-less, we all are human beings created equal. No one is worth more than others. In aerial view, all different buildings, cars, human beings look like dots.

Not so yellow pages.

100-page collage created by using only the pages from New York Yellow Pages Book.

What is Time?

Each card has sunrise and sunset time of the days selected based on Solar terms. You can see how long is the day and night of that day. For example, on winter solstice (last card on the bottom), the night is much longer than the day.

Modern Monet Clock

Inspired by Claude Monet’s Rouen Cathedral paintings, color blocks of the clock were collected from the pictures of Empire State building taken during 24 hours.

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