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For my MFA Thesis, I explored a visual pain assessment and communication to help patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). To find out more please take a look at my thesis process book linked below.

MFA Thesis Process Book

My process was informed by a variety of research methods including informationarchitecture, user experience design and social sciences. First, I created a storyboard to understand the problem of the patients.

Later, I conducted card sorting workshop to discover mental models and perception of different pain.

I inquired more than 50 individuals to visualize pain. Afterward, I compiled a Visual Pain Lexicon, where the meaning of pain is communicated through colors, shapes and visualmetaphors.

Pain Communication Model using the Pain Lexicon

The use of the visual metaphors enhances the quality of the pain communicatio by adding more details, which makes easier for the receiver to empathize and comprehend the mystery of the pain.

For more details of different phases of Thesis visit Pain page.

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